ASEAN Tourism Standards in Lao PDR


What is this site about?

It’s simple. Tourism standards improve the quality of visitor experiences and the performance of your business, while protecting the environment. The ASEAN Tourism Standards on this website are the official tourism industry standards for Laos. These have been adapted especially for use in Laos. When you meet all the requirements, you will be certified with an ASEAN Tourism Standard that has been validated for Laos. The best examples will be nominated for recognition at the annual ASEAN Tourism Forum.
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In January 2016, the ten ASEAN tourism ministers collectively launched the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) 2016-2025 during the 35th ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) held in Manila, the Philippines. The vision of the ATSP is for the ASEAN to become by 2025 a “quality tourism destination offering a unique, diverse ASEAN experience, and being committed to responsible, sustainable, inclusive and balanced tourism development, so as to contribute significantly to the socio-economic well-being of the ASEAN people”.
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To work towards the vision of the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025, the 10 ASEAN countries have seen the importance of implementing ASEAN tourism standards to encourage business operators and those entities involved in the tourism sector to standardize the quality of tourism products and services and promote tourism management in a responsible manner, enhancing the sustainable competitiveness of ASEAN as a Single Tourism Destination.


ASEAN Tourism Standards will help to improve service standards in Lao PDR. Visitors will have a better experience and as a result, recommend Laos to their friends and family. Tourism businesses will also feel more confident and provide a better first impression to visitors.

Certified business operators will be awarded a certificate that can be used for marketing, promotion and online sales. You will also receive a priority listing on official tourism websites/social media platforms. Internationally, certified business operators will be listed on ASEAN’s Official website ( and promoted at the annual ASEAN Tourism Forum, festivals and associated events.


ASEAN Tourism Standards in Lao PDR:

You will find Application Forms, Self-Assessment Forms and the ASEAN Standard Specification Documents adapted for use in Laos for download on this website. Just go to the link that you are interested in and see the details from there.


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